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What is worth bringing from Thailand?

Vivid impressions from a trip to Thailand upon returning from this amazing country, of course, should be supported financially – with souvenirs, gifts …

What is worth bringing from Thailand?

The question “what to buy?” In Thailand usually arises sharply before a tourist in the last day or two before returning to his homeland. The problem of choice is compounded by the presence in the country of a powerful industry of goods specially manufactured for the tourism market. The assortment of such products is huge.

Travel portal tourweek.ru offers its own version of the answer to the question: what to bring from Thailand?

Cosmetics and scrubs
We advise you to pay attention to traditional Thai herbal and oil based cosmetics, in particular, natural coconut oil and aloe gel. Local residents use them both as sunscreens and as anti-aging nutrients – they consider dark skin to be a defect in appearance.

Traditional Thai herbal and oil based cosmetics

Tourists willingly bring from Thailand cleansing body scrubs, saline and herbal. It is difficult to give more precise recommendations – hundreds of items are sold here. Aromatic soap in the form of a variety of flowers and fruits is no less popular with tourists. This is a souvenir, as they say, “for body and soul” – the soap looks very beautiful.

Aromatic soap in the form of a variety of flowers and fruits

Electronic gadgets, watches
Electronics in Thailand, especially locally made, are pretty cheap. It is profitable to buy computer equipment, cameras and cameras, tablets, smartphones and any accessories for them – the savings can be up to 30% of the cost. You should not get too carried away with saving and buying electronics in the markets and, as they say, “with hands”. It is better to buy electronic gadgets in large shopping centers.

Thai watch

There they will cost a little more, but when you return to your homeland, having registered the goods in a shopping center using the TaxFree system, the value added tax paid in the store will be returned to you at the airport (Get Refund). Do not forget to save TaxFree receipts issued in the store and receipts for all purchases (if necessary, at the Thai airport, at the customs control (Custom’s inspection), where the above documents are confirmed and the customs stamp is stamped, you may be asked to present the purchased goods). All of the above applies to local watches, only the amount of savings can be even higher.

TaxFree tax refund scheme at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

The dream to bring to Russia the fruits of the “King of Thai fruits” – durian, should be abandoned. Due to the sharp specific smell, even the appearance of durian in some public places, including airports, is forbidden, and it is unlikely that you will be able to bring this delicate fresh fruit home.

King of Thai Fruits – Durian

It is better to buy a bag of two durian caramels or chips, as well as fresh mangoes, pineapples, breadfruit, lansat and other exotic.

Fresh mangoes, pineapples, breadfruit, langsata

If you really want to impress relatives and friends, buy rambutan for them – amazing “hairy” fruits that resemble the taste of grapes.

Rambutan – amazing “hairy” fruits

Tea in the traditional sense is not a very popular drink in Thailand. Various exotic variations of this drink are more common, among them “blue tea” from an orchid, it is considered very useful for colds and impaired vision, but it is also used simply as a tonic, refreshing drink.

Thai Blue Tea from Orchid

As for alcoholic beverages, Thai Som Som, made from sugar cane with the addition of local spices, is unrivaled in popularity among tourists.

Thai rum San Som

For lovers of extreme exotic, a tincture of scorpions I Dong, otherwise called “scorpion whiskey,” is suitable.

Scorpion tincture I Dong – “scorpion whiskey”

Many tourists buy in Thailand products made of natural rubber – latex, as well as the material itself: here you can buy latex sheets directly at the rubber factory. Pillows, mattresses, latex seats have excellent orthopedic properties, are durable and environmentally friendly, but can create problems during transportation due to their size.

Natural Rubber Products – Latex

And finally, a brief information about the rules of baggage and carry-on baggage by Thai airlines: an economy class passenger can carry up to 20-25 kg of baggage and carry-on baggage weighing up to 6-10 kg (depending on the airline), liquid in containers larger than 100 ml can only be carried in baggage.

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