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Ten amazing places in the incredible city of Dubai

It is unique in itself, this city, the center of oil trade in the Middle East, in just a few decades has transformed from an unknown Arab town into a modern metropolis and shot hundreds of skyscrapers into the sky …

Ten amazing places in the incredible city of Dubai

But even in this amazing city there are special places that can amaze even the experienced travelers. We will tell you about the ten most amazing places that each of our compatriots who have visited Dubai must visit.

Golden Bazaar
Gold has always been a symbol of wealth, and modern Dubai is one of the richest cities on the planet. Therefore, the grandiose “Golden Bazaar” in the Deira region functions in two qualities – as the world’s largest jewelry market for wealthy Arabs, local and visitors, and as a kind of tourist attraction.


Where else can you see such mountains of gold and precious stones? By the way, the jewelry here is relatively cheap, besides there is the opportunity, after a good search, to buy an inexpensive “copy” of some breathtakingly expensive jewelry.

“Flower Garden”
The song about “a million scarlet roses” involuntarily comes to mind when visiting a garden of fresh flowers in the territory of Dubai. Only here there are much more – about 100 million flowers and other plants!


This “flower city” with an area of ​​more than seven hectares is even listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest garden in the world. Tourists admire not only flowers, there is also a “Garden of aromas” and a “Butterfly garden”. And, as in a classic oriental garden, walking peacocks. True, in the hottest time of the year, the Flower Garden is closed to tourists.

The giant aquarium in the building of the DUBAI MALL shopping center is adjacent to the terrestrial zoo, which contains rare species of reptiles and mammals. Among the 30 thousand inhabitants of the deep sea, the largest (about 400 species) of stingrays and sharks.


You can not only admire them, but also talk while diving into the aquarium with diving equipment. To do this, right on the spot you need to go through two-day training in diving courses and get a special certificate.

Water amusement park
Between the two largest hotels in Dubai, “Sail” and “Wave”, which are visible in any panoramic image of the city, there is a water attraction park. A visit to this huge, five-hectare water park, can be a vivid and memorable sea adventure for both children and adults.


Here you can even surf – in a special pool, the waves accelerate to a height of several meters. There is also a real river with a picturesque waterfall. And an indispensable attribute of water parks, a pipe here is 30 meters long, it allows you to develop speed when descending to 80 kilometers per hour!

Dubai is not only skyscrapers, there was a place in the city for real oriental architectural color.

Al Bastakia – Dubai’s only surviving old residential area

Al-Bastakiya District is the only surviving old residential area of ​​Dubai, an amazingly beautiful corner, preserved and carefully restored several years ago.

Streets of the old district of Dubai Al-Bastakia

Here you can relax and have a cup of coffee in the shade of a huge tree, buy traditional Arabic souvenirs in the shop, you can even settle in a small boutique hotel.

“Desert Reserve”
Being in Dubai, among skyscrapers, cars and air conditioners, you forget that this modern metropolis is located in the Arabian Desert. About this reminds tourists “Desert Reserve.”


The area of ​​the unique reserve is 225 square meters. km, this is a real desert, untouched by civilization, with its natural flora and fauna. Tourists can buy a special tour, live in tents for several days, and even ride a one-humped camel.

In the water between the artificial alluvial islands of Palm Jumeirah, a dolphinarium is built, this place is sometimes called the “Dolphin Bay”. The conditions in which dolphins are kept are as close as possible to the natural habitat of these animals.


But you can do photo shoots with them, children can ride them, dolphins are very friendly. Nearby is Palm Jumeirah Hotel with scenic bay views.

The main difference between the Dubai Legoland and the numerous “Disneylands” around the world is that the huge interactive entertainment park is completely based on the popular children’s designer Lego, this is the largest children’s play area in the world.


On the territory of Legoland there are 40 land attractions and several thousand models from Lego – architectural monuments from different cities of the world, fragments from popular cartoons, and even animators entertain children in Lego costumes!


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