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Wedding Tourism: Wedding and Honeymoon in Cyprus

It is difficult to imagine a country that is best suited for such an important and exciting moment as a young wedding and honeymoon than Cyprus …

Wedding Tourism: Wedding and Honeymoon in Cyprus

Everything is saturated with love, happiness and positive emotions. Love Island today is the perfect place to exchange wedding rings and spend your honeymoon.

In addition, according to the main legend of the paradise island, it was in Cyprus that the famous Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, was born to everyone. But is not the family created under its leadership, will not be considered the strongest and most loving ?! Many experts and just people are convinced of this. That is why, hundreds of newlyweds from all over the world come here to hear the cherished “yes.”

Add to all this also ideal weather conditions at any time of the year, amazing nature, the azure sea, rich wildlife, and just a bright, unforgettable atmosphere, and you will get just the perfect celebration on the island of Cyprus.

The main advantages of holding a wedding in Cyprus include:

A wedding in Cyprus is insanely beautiful. Clean, golden beaches, azure water, natural sources, architectural sights.
Always warm. A mild subtropical climate contributes to this. It rains very rarely, which means you don’t have to worry that the event will be overshadowed by bad weather.
Reasonable pricing. Compared with other popular tourist destinations, a wedding in Cyprus differs from them in pretty low prices.
Marriage is recognized worldwide. The ceremony is not simply a luxurious sight, but also completely legal.
To organize a celebration and subsequent rest is easy and simple. Of course, you can take all the cares into yourselves, or avoid a lot of trouble and trust the professionals of mouzenidis travel, who will plan various options for the celebration in Cyprus. Starting from the wedding tour and ending with the honeymoon.
Imagine a touching wedding, enchanting ceremony on the seashore and simply luxurious further relaxation with many intriguing moments. And all this is possible, you just need to decide and choose Cyprus for yourself.

Well, now, to make sure that Cyprus is a great place for the upcoming holiday, we will study it from “A” to “Z”.

Warm and sunny days, more than 300 per year. Summer begins in the month of May and ends only at the end of October. Basically, the temperature is hot + 30-35 ° C, but easily tolerated. Acclimatization is also fast.

When winter comes, it will not be cold. Rather, it’s just cool. In addition, the winter season has an optimal temperature: + 12 ° C and even + 16 ° C heat. December and January are more reminiscent of autumn than winter.

And although Cyprus can hardly be called a large island, even so, it surprises with its number of beautiful natural places and architectural monuments. And most importantly, in view of such compactness, all the most popular attractions can be seen in just one trip.

First you should visit the capital of Cyprus – Nicosia. This is a unique place that has collected many monuments in its district. This is the Byzantine church of Chrysaliniotissa and Tripiotis, and the Venetian wall, and the Gate of Famagusta.

No less interesting is the city of Amathus. Here you can see the sanctuary of Aphrodite, the ruins of bathhouses, water systems. The impressions that these monuments will make on you are difficult to convey in words.

And finally, if there is an opportunity, do not disregard the nature reserve – the Troodos Mountains. Numerous churches and monasteries, which, by the way, are included in the UNESCO list, will charm and form a new impression of this corner.

Delicious cuisine and romantic restaurants
Without a doubt, for all newlyweds it matters what they feed at the resort they have chosen. And believe me, Cypriot cuisine will show a high level in this matter. It is considered not only incredibly tasty, but also useful, due to the large number of seafood on the menu.

Basically, all restaurants offer meat, fish and vegetable dishes. But the local highlight is a dish called souvlaki. This is a small kebab wrapped in a flat cake. According to numerous tourist reviews, it is worth a try.

It is also worth taking a chance and ordering another mouth-watering dish – “Moussaka”. It consists of minced meat baked with vegetables. Served with a special sauce of beaten eggs, sour cream.

The abundance of diverse restaurants, bars and beer pubs is simply impressive. But the most frequently visited are small family taverns, which although they cannot please with a wide assortment, the cozy atmosphere, reasonable price, large portions compensate for all this.

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