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Now in Turkey, almost every hotel works with Russian tour operators and tourists, especially the Antalya coast, the most popular among Russians …


Today we’ll talk about hotels in which our compatriots are few or none at all, where mainly European tourists rest.

What is valuable vacation in European hotels in Turkey?
As you know, some Russian tourists go abroad to rest not only from their usual routine, but also from their compatriots. At the same time, join a foreign culture, meet foreigners, plunge into an unfamiliar atmosphere, discover new facets of a foreign culture. Some tourists even prefer linguistic isolation to spend time in peace and quiet, and in a hotel full of fellow countrymen, such a pleasure is hardly available. Single travelers are more often interested in European hotels in Turkey today, but couples are also found. Basically, these are parents who seek to accustom teenage children to a foreign language environment so that they can polish their knowledge. And given that a hotel in Turkey will cost much cheaper than in another European country, despite the fact that the service is very good, the benefit of such an offer is understandable.

There is another significant aspect. Most of the hotels in Turkey, especially those that are remote from the beaches, work on a “breakfast – dinner” system, so vacationers have a lot of time to explore the city on their own. Or exploring the specialties of local cuisine. Or even rest on your own schedule and daily routine.

European-style service in a Muslim country
It is worth noting that almost all hotels in Turkey, which used to accept only residents of European countries, are now willingly inviting Russians. The well-known law of the market is working: there is demand, there will be supply. So the reservation for a hotel oriented, for example, only to the British, can be quietly booked with Russian tour operators. Conditions also remain unchanged. If the hotel is committed to serving English-speaking tourists, all staff will communicate exclusively in English. That is why in Turkey, so few hotels cooperate exclusively with Europeans, because Russian tourists, who make up the bulk of vacationers, do not agree to such conditions. However, this alignment does not mean at all that there are no hotels “for Europeans” much better than those where Russian-speaking tourists settle. The conditions and service there are absolutely the same as those where residents of Russia and other countries of the former CIS spend their time. There are only some nuances associated, again, with knowledge of foreign languages. Let’s try to sort out the features of the “European” hotels in order.

Animation programs

The set is standard for all hotels, but taking into account the jokes and those funny especially for the country the institution is oriented to. And, accordingly, communication is in the same language.

Activities for children

There are certainly mini and junior clubs at hotels, but the staff speaks only English or German. Games and cartoons are mainly those that European children love.

Well-trained staff depends on the level of the hotel

So it’s not at all that “they don’t want to try for the Russians,” as some Russian tourists think. If the hotel does not claim to be five stars, then it makes no sense to expect super-service. You just need to choose the right hotel, and then the expectations will be justified.

Now about what is characteristic of hotels “only for Europeans.” This applies, in fact, only to the menu. Not all establishments operate on an all-inclusive system, this is agreed upon immediately when making a tour. But even those establishments where this system works, emphasize the selection of dishes of national cuisine of the inhabitants of the country for which the reference point is chosen. For example, pizza and pasta are offered for Italians, traditional sausages and stewed cabbage for Germans, the British prefer oatmeal, and so on. So when choosing a hotel of this rank, you should also consider your gastronomic preferences.

How to choose the “European hotel”?
If you still want to relax in the “European hotel” and are 100% sure of your knowledge of foreign languages, then the question immediately arises: how to choose a truly “European” hotel? After all, even tour operators do not always possess information, or simply want to sell a ticket. There are several signs by which you can determine the main contingent of institutions.


The Germans and the British prefer Side, Cesme and Kusadasi, the Dutch and Italians like to relax in Kemer, the British settle in Marmaris and Oludeniz. And Bodrum is chosen by most Europeans. If you want to talk with residents of European countries, you should pay attention only to the Aegean coast.

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