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Where filmed “Viking”

As the start of the world premiere of the fifth season of the Vikings series, announced for November 2017, is approaching, the audience’s interest in everything connected with this most popular epic is growing …

Where filmed “Viking”

Including the location of the series. The TourWeek.ru portal offers its readers a detailed overview on this subject.

Historic Canadian-Irish TV Series Vikings

The world-famous historical Canadian-Irish series “Vikings”, created by director Michael Hirst, did not initially claim full historical authenticity. As Michael Hurst himself has repeatedly stated, historical material is not enough to recreate on the screen a complete and reliable picture of the life of the ancestors of modern Scandinavians. Therefore, the Vikings, according to the director, is a soap opera made of solid cliches. One of these well-established cliches is that large historical series are usually shot on a luxurious natural background.

Why ireland
The series takes place during the early Middle Ages in England, on the Scandinavian Peninsula and in France. However, they remove it almost completely in Ireland, which has a completely pragmatic explanation. Ashfort Studios in the village of the same name, about an hour drive from Dublin, was built in 2011 by Joe O’Connell, a wealthy Irish businessman and great patriot of his country, specially for filming the Viking. This patriotic gesture cost O’Connell $ 22 million.

Ashforth Village in Wicklow County

Ashfort village is located in Wicklow County, filmmakers call this area “a paradise for filming.” Wooded mountains, ancient castles, picturesque lakes with sandbanks have more than once become natural scenery for historical films. Several episodes of Game of Thrones were filmed here, while Mel Gibson filmed the famous Braveheart. It is symbolic that even the name of Wicklow County, according to one version, comes from the Old Norse “vikingr”, the Vikings called themselves so.

Ashen Mountain and Lake Thay
Luggala, or Asheneva Mountain, is located 45 kilometers from Dublin and is adjacent to Lake Thay. This is perhaps the main location of the entire series: for the time of filming, the scenery of the town of Kattegat is installed on the lake, and on the slopes of Mount Luggala, among the huge fir trees, the Vikings, led by the Flocks, choose trees suitable for the construction of their ships – dragrakars. It also shoots episodes of battles in the fjords and other battle scenes, mainly “forest” ones.

Luggala, or Ashenvale Mountain

One of the advantages of the area around Luggaly, from the point of view of filmmakers: the land around the mountain is private property. This closes access to the filming location for unorganized tourists and simply curious fans of the series. However, wealthy tourists have the opportunity to settle on the shore of Lake Thay in the XVIII century estate Luggala Lodge, today turned into a comfortable elite hotel, but retaining all the external attributes of the “old style”. For the pleasure of breathing in the clean mountain air of Luggaly and admiring the views of Lake Tey, you will have to pay 20,000 euros per week.

Glendalough Valley
An important film set in Wicklow County for the series is also the Glendalough Glacier Valley.

Glendalough Glacier Valley

Here survived the church of the VI century, in the Middle Ages and later belonged to a monastery founded by the Irish monk Saint Kevin. A 30-meter round tower rises here, these objects are great as scenery in those scenes where the action takes place in England or in France.

Monastery-owned church and 30-meter round tower

The area is often visited by tourists, unlike Luggaly access here is free.

Blessington Lake – The Sea
It is unlikely that the spectators of the “Vikings” of past seasons might even think that the episodes of sea voyages shown in the series, the hot sea battles in the drakkaras were not shot at all at sea, or even on the lake in the literal sense of the word, but on an artificial reservoir. The Pollap Phuka Reservoir was formed in the 40s of the last century, after the largest Irish Shannon River was blocked by a dam and built by a hydroelectric power station. Later, the name Blessington was assigned to this man-made lake. This is Ireland’s largest man-made pond.

The calm nature of the water surface of Lake Blessington

Such a choice of nature, unusual for the uninitiated, for filming marine episodes is due to the calm nature of the water surface of Lake Blessington. Sea waves would not allow to shoot 12 dragrakars at a time, launching about 20 more boats accompanying them with actors, as well as pyrotechnics, make-up artists and other maintenance personnel.

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