Smelly seaweed destroyed beach tourism in Mexico
The legendary Sargosso Sea is now splashing along the shores of Mexican resorts ... Smelly seaweed destroyed beach tourism in Mexico More precisely, it splashed, and now on the beaches…

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Humpback whale mating game off the coast of the Dominican Republic
Every year from mid-January to mid-March in the Samana Bay, off the coast of picturesque Dominican Republic, an amazing natural phenomenon occurs - the mating games of humpback whales. In…

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Oddities and paradoxes of Berlin Tiergarten park
Tiergarten Park cannot but like. One of the largest parks in the world, with an area of ​​210 hectares, located in the center of Berlin, with many monuments from different…

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Unusual temples of Thailand again ahead of the list of the most interesting sights of the world. This time it is the temples of Thailand, among them: the White Temple, the Temple of the bottles, the Temple of the phallus …

White temple

Wat Rong Khun or White Temple

One of the most unusual temples in Thailand – Wat Rong Khun or the White Temple, is located in a place called Amphuar, in the province of Chiang Rai. This fairly young temple managed to gain great popularity among residents and tourists.

The designer, as well as the artist and designer of the White Temple is Mr. Chalermchay (and his brother) – one of the most sought-after artists in Thailand. Everything that is on the territory of the White Temple is his work. It is noteworthy that Mr. Chalermchay built the temple on his own money only because no one could dictate his conditions to him. The construction of the White Temple took more than one million dollars.

The white temple is really amazing, it looks like it was made not of stone and concrete, but of sugar and mastic! Intricate sculptures of snow-white color, a mirror mosaic on the walls, all this does not cease to amaze travelers who have arrived at the White Temple again. Directly in front of the stairs leading to the temple is a composition of many stretching arms and huge teeth. So the artist portrayed the underworld.

The interior of the temple combines traditional Buddha images and scenes from his life, as well as modern interpretations of Buddhist teachings: scenes from the film “The Matrix”, “Star Wars” and more. So the artist is trying to convey to modern visitors the meaning of religious teaching. The white temple is surrounded by unusual alabaster-mirror sculptures, interesting small structures in the form of small pagodas and other “sugar” sculptures.

Temple of the Bottles

Wat Lan Kuad or Temple of a Million Bottles

Another unusual temple in Thailand was built by Buddhist monks from ordinary glass bottles. The walls and the roof are made of glass containers, which is why the temple received the talking name – Wat Lan Kuad or “Temple of a million bottles.” How many bottles it took exactly to build this temple, Buddha alone knows. But the Thai monks began to collect bottles for the construction of the temple back in 1984. Bricks were not enough, then the idea came up to use non-standard building material. So there was a bottle temple, located 400 miles from Bangkok, in the Sisaket region.

Everyone was able to contribute to the construction of the temple: monks, local authorities, residents of the surrounding area, all those who collected such unusual building materials. Thanks to the mass, it was possible to create not just a temple, but a whole complex consisting of twenty buildings: this is the main temple near the lake, prayer rooms, a hall for ceremonies, a crematorium, a water tower, several small bungalows that serve as housing for monks, as well as rooms for travelers .

Decades later, it turned out that the builders were not wrong with the choice of materials – bottles are not inferior in strength to bricks, do not lose color, are easily cleaned from dirt, allow light to penetrate inside buildings and look very aesthetically pleasing.

For the construction of the temple complex, bottles of green and brown glass were used, into which beer was once bottled. Even the mosaics in the temple are made from crafted beer lids. By the way, the monks do not stop there, which means that the collection of bottles does not stop. Decide to go to the temple from bottles, grab a glass container with you.

Phallus temple

Phallus Temple or Chapel of Goddess Tattim (Shrine of Goddess Tubtim)

Residents of Thailand believe in spirits and believe that they surround every Thai in any situation. Spirits are evil and kind, many of them are able to help in work, play, business, and even in the continuation of the family. One vivid example of such a desperate belief in the spirit of female fertility is the phallus temple in Bangkok. It is believed that the phallus temple or the chapel of the goddess Tattim (Shrine of Goddess Tubtim) is able to help all desperate women get pregnant.

At first glance, this temple is no different from hundreds of others scattered in the numerous provinces of Thailand. A cozy garden corner, drowning in the shade of trees, is literally filled with statues of the male genital organ. Hundreds of various penises – large and small, stone and wooden, are decorated with ribbons left here dreaming to conceive by girls and women.

Those who want to get pregnant bring offerings in the form of candles, lotus flowers and fruits to the temple. If the wish has come true, the woman is obliged to return and put in the temple another phallus, in
in gratitude to the goddess Tabtim. And given the fact that the number of figures in the temple has exceeded one hundred, we can safely talk about the effectiveness of visits to such a temple. This kind of temple does not at all talk about the corruption of the Thai nation. Buddhism, as a true Hindu religion, welcomes the veneration of the phallus as an organ of fertility and the continuation of life. So that.

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