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Beautiful Prague: what to see and where to visit the Czech capital

“Prague won’t let you go,” Kafka said, and he was damn right. Millions of tourists visiting the Czech capital are planning return visits. They stock up on comfortable shoes and again travel to the old but always young city above the Vltava.

Beautiful Prague: what to see and where to visit the Czech capital

An experienced guide and information support are simply necessary for those who are for the first time in Prague. If you want to spend time with benefit and pleasantness, go with us on excursions! The Sputnik8 company offers more than 65 excursions in Prague: thematic, sightseeing, automobile, pedestrian, with a trip to nature or with an immersion in its night life. For beginners, we recommend a daily 4-hour sightseeing tour. And for tourists who are not the first time visiting the Czech capital, we recommend taking a popular excursion to Vinohrady or a river cruise with lunch.

Old city
Tourists coming to the Czech capital for the first time focus on the historical center. It is called Stare Place. In fact, Vysehrad is much more ancient, but the baroque beauty of the Town Hall, the gothic charm of two towers on Old Town Square, the splendor of the Public House and other architectural monuments invariably attract crowds of tourists.

Stare place invariably attracts crowds of tourists

The old city is over 11 centuries old. Under its modern buildings, historians say, there is a whole floor of ancient buildings dating back to Gothic times: streets, cellars, cellars. In the magnificent St. James Cathedral, built in 1232, you can see and hear the oldest and largest organ in the Czech Republic.

The largest organ in the Czech Republic in the Cathedral of St. James

And after standing a bit at the south wall of the town hall, you can admire the figures of the apostles leaving the clock of Orloi.

Figures of the apostles leaving the hours of Orloi

There are streets with a width of only 70 cm, and there are also traffic lights in some places to regulate walking. The gothic temple complex of the Virgin Mary before Tyn is visible from afar thanks to its pointed towers. It was built for almost two centuries (until 1511) and painted inside by the founder of Czech Baroque Karel Shkreta.

Gothic temple complex of the Virgin Mary before Tyn

From the Old Town Square along the winding Karlova Street, go to Charles Bridge.

The Charles Bridge

This half-kilometer building across the Vltava and Chertovka rivers with 30 stone sculptures was discovered in the 80s of the XV century. Its significance was so great that two major knights’ orders, the Maltese and the Red Stars, divided the bridge among themselves to collect duties.

Charles bridge over the Vltava and Chertovka rivers with 30 stone sculptures

Charles Bridge is always full of people. If you want to feel the atmosphere of the Middle Ages in silence, visit Charles Bridge at dawn or at night. In a safe and never sleeping Prague metropolis, this is not difficult.

Small Party
Walking along the Charles Bridge to the right bank, you will find yourself in Mala Strana, a true Baroque architectural reserve.

Baroque Mala Strana

There are 55 palaces of nobility and many churches built between the 15th and 17th centuries.

Mala Strana

In the non-country part of the city you can see:

Church of St. Thomas with copies of Rubens as altar paintings,
Catholic church of St. Thomas

Wallenstein Garden with its Renaissance frescoes and palace,
Wallenstein Garden

Beloved by the Prague Church of Mary the Triumphant,
Church of Mary the Triumphant

Mikulas Church, where the Mozart Requiem was first performed,
Mikulas Church

and much more.
And if you are tired of watching the palaces and just want to take a walk, then visit the island of Kampa.

Kampa Island

There are only eight islands on the Vltava in the Prague area. From the Small Side you can get to one of them by the bridge. Here you will see the ruins of medieval water mills and magnificent old buildings.

On Petrin Hill on Malaya Strana there is a tower very reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower Tower

From it you can look down, and then visit the Stefanikov Observatory and look at the stars through a telescope.

Stefanikov Observatory

Petrin Hill is famous for its intricate labyrinth with curved mirrors.

Intricate Maze with Curved Mirrors

You can get to the top by funicular or on foot.

Mount Petrin, funicular line

Want to see more? Use the Prague Card. This tourist subscription allows you to visit 50 tourist locations. It also gives the right to discounts at some points of public catering and is a single ticket for all types of public transport. The cost is about 4.5 thousand rubles. for 4 days.

On the right bank of the Vltava lies the largest castle complex in the world (according to the Guinness Book of Records) Prague Castle.

Castle complex Prague Castle

Once it was the castle of the princes and kings of Bohemia, then – the palace of the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire. Now it is the residence of the Czech presidents and a symbol of the country. Prague Castle is a mixture of architectural trends from the Romanesque to Czech Baroque and Classicism.

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