Five changes that travelers to Thailand will face
On October 13, King of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej passed away, mourning for the monarch was declared in the country ... Five changes that travelers to Thailand will face There is…

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Jellyfish season in Israel
Despite the small size of Israel, it is washed by two seas - the Mediterranean and the Red. However, beach vacations in the resorts of this country can be overshadowed…

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Cathedral and park - two pearls of Gdansk Oliva
In the second half of summer, a huge number of tourists gather in Gdansk, Poland ... Cathedral and park - two pearls of Gdansk Oliva This is facilitated by the…

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12 reasons to stay in Brighton

Everything is possible if you go to Brighton – a fashionable seaside resort, where representatives of eminent aristocratic families and even historical figures traditionally rested …

Brighton – a trendy seaside resort

The most stylish, vibrant and fun city in the Kingdom is located on the south coast, just an hour’s drive from London. Perfect geolocation.

For those who wish to combine business with pleasure and learn English on vacation, it is in Brighton that one of the best Wall Street English schools in the world sends students to study, where students learn the language in record time. The school has been operating for more than 45 years and has branches in 28 countries. Wall Street English provides a great opportunity to hone your English skills in the Study Abroad program: start your education in Moscow and then continue in Brighton to consolidate your knowledge in practice.

Last year alone, more than 160 people were trained under this program and recognized that this is the best way to quickly learn a language.

Studying in Brighton
The history of the resort stretches from the end of the 18th century, when all the prominent English aristocrats gathered in this fishing village for the summer to sunbathe and swim. No wonder the British themselves call Brighton London at sea. In the forefront of the town’s fans was the Prince Regent (future King George IV). On his orders, the Royal Pavilion was built here in the Indo-Saracen style, decorated with oriental domes and minarets, which made the stiff British resort an exotic look.

What attracted the most eminent aristocrats of the country to Brighton, and why is the current generation seeking vacation here?

Royal Pavilion

Royal Pavilion
King George IV first appeared in Brighton in 1783 and fell in love with this place so much that he soon ordered the construction of a seaside residence to begin. The architect was the famous John Nash, the author of Buckingham Palace and Regent Street in London. This oriental-style fantasy resembles a magical castle from the tales of Scheherazade. On the tour, tourists examine the inner chambers, an art gallery and get acquainted with everyday life, cuisine and the diet of the king.

Palace Pier

Palace Pier in Brighton
Brighton’s calling card is the famous Palace Pier, built in 1899, which cuts into the waters of the English Channel for half a kilometer. Nowadays, it has become a children’s amusement park on the water, with fairground attractions, traditional entertainments and a four-story soft play area.

Lanes street

The historic Brighton Street, which traces the history from the time when it was a small fishing village. Now it is the heart of the city where

cafes, bakeries, antique shops and luxury boutiques. Here you will find the best Brighton restaurants: Vegetarian Food for Friends, English’s Seafood Place of Worship and The Greys Pub, which ranks eleventh on the list of the best in the UK. In the tangled narrow alleys, Lanes is pleasant to wander for a long time, listening to street musicians, of whom there are a great many.

Night life

For decades, youth have come to Brighton to host traditional stag and hen parties. Here you will find establishments for every taste: from gastropubs and bars with craft beer to cafes with live music, stylish alternative establishments and multi-level mega-clubs.

They are mainly located on the main streets of Lanes and North Lane, along Trafalgar Street, on Churchill Square, Western Road and in the east of Kemptown. If you want to truly feel the spirit of Brighton’s night, check out The Haunt Nightclub, located in the converted cinema building, where live bands perform almost daily.

Brighton Festival

England’s largest arts festival has been held for over 50 years. Every year in May for three weeks in the city there are musical, dance, theater, cinematic and circus performances. An invited star acts as a director every year. In 2016, it was Lori Anderson, in other years – Anish Kapoor, Brian Eno and Vanessa Redgrave.

The festival is organized by the Brighton Dome – the main art site of the city, where the ABBA group with the song “Waterloo” won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974.

Learning English at home

Students in one of the best international language schools, Wall Street English, go to Brighton to study language under the Study Abroad program (study abroad). The program is built very competently: first, students take a course in Moscow, and then go to England to consolidate their knowledge in practice in the process of immersion in the language environment. Classes are taught using the most modern techniques: classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards, computers, and listening systems. Perhaps free advice on the choice of training programs and assistance in obtaining entry visas.

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