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Inland navigation and inland navigation in Finland

The coast of Finland and its archipelago are thousands of kilometers of coastline and tens of thousands of islands, so Finns really like to walk on the sea or on river-lakes. Seafaring in their blood is an important part of the local culture. In the modern “sailing” format, the Finns were replaced by cruises: you can travel by ferry or cruise ship to Swedish Stockholm and Estonian Tallinn or the Åland Islands, an autonomous province within Finland with a very special charm and character. Imagine: Alandas are 6500 islands!

Finns love the sea or river-lakes.
Whichever ship you travel, it will be comfortable everywhere with the children. If this is a modern ferry in the Baltic, then guests will find entertaining and thematic programs, shopping, cabins with all amenities and Wi-Fi, playrooms for children, Scandinavian and European cuisine on board. Cruise to Aland – it will be a great opportunity to go fishing with the whole family or go hiking in kayaks.

You can even make a fascinating cruise in the waters of Helsinki: from the Market Square in the summer you can travel along this archipelago by a nice ferry.

Finland is often called the country of a thousand lakes, so going on a tour of inland waters without much difficulty. As a vehicle, you can choose an old ship, a modern ferry, ships and boats.

Must visit in Finland in summer: the amusement park Linnanmäki (“Linnanmäki”) in Helsinki, the park Särkänniemi (“Särkänniemi”) in Tampere, the charming mini-town Koiramäki (“Kojramäki”, the letter “Dog Hill”), the Angry outdoor park Birds in Lappeenranta, Serena Waterpark (Serena)
In summer, Finland should definitely visit the Linnanmäki amusement park in Helsinki. It has collected more than 40 different attractions, but the roller coaster, built back in 1951, is rightfully considered a real gem of the park. These are the latest roller coasters built using side drag. Today, all over the world there are only nine of these attractions. But progress is taking its toll: one of the fastest American races in the world is currently under construction in Lynnanmäki. According to plans, it will open in 2019.

Linnanmäki Amusement Park (Lynnanmäki) in Helsinki
An excellent vacation for both thrill-seekers and the youngest guests can also be found in Särkänniemi Park (Särkänniemi), which is located in Tampere on the shores of a beautiful lake. In addition to the roller coaster and the fear tunnel, here you can meet animals on the farm or at the contact zoo, or dine at the highest restaurant in Finland, admiring the scenery of Finnish nature from a height of 124 meters.

And here, the whole family can feel like the heroes of the Angry Birds game, as well as take a walk through the charming mini-town Koiramäki (“Koyramyaki”, lit. “Dog Hill”), which is dedicated to the cute heroes of children’s books, Mauri Kunnas.

In winter, the rides close, but you can visit the planetarium and dolphinarium.

Angry Birds is another must have for a family trip to Finland. Angry Birds Indoor Outdoor Activity Park is located in Lappeenranta all year round. There are many fun activities for the whole family: laser mazes, softball shooting, sports and gaming complexes and other innovative entertainment based on the famous game.

Angry Birds Indoor Adventure Park is located in Lappeenranta
20 km from Helsinki in Espoo, the largest Serena (Serena) water park in all of Scandinavia operates year-round. There are a lot of slides of any difficulty level – both in indoor halls and in the open. For children, a separate colorful and safe area with slides is equipped. You can also take a peek in the sauna or soak in the jacuzzi.

Finland is famous for trees, boats, saunas, lakes, the sea coast, clean air and forest, mushrooms, berries, and, of course, fishing
Finland is a unique country: only here there are so many cottages in rural and natural areas where you can relax in peace and tranquility. A tree, boat, sauna, lake or sea coast, clean air and forest. And mushrooms and berries in the summer, and, of course, fishing!

Fishing in children is often one of the most vivid impressions of the summer.
In Finland, with its nearly 200,000 lakes and a long sea coast, there are certainly disadvantages in fishing spots. If you ask the children, fishing is often one of the most vivid impressions of the summer. So it’s worth it to be located in cottages on the lake. As a rule, each cottage has its own boat for guests, which will make the child’s vacation even more unforgettable.

Finnish edible treasures: from blueberries to rarer and more sophisticated chanterelle mushrooms, dairy products and cheese, ice cream based on local berries and herbs, nature’s gifts – berries, mushrooms, lake fish, seafood, game and reindeer meat

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