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What is Lake Garda

The largest lake in Italy is Lake Garda, one of the main natural attractions of this wonderful country. The scenery here is incredibly beautiful, and Italians themselves like to relax in coastal resorts, which is the best recommendation for this place.

The tourist infrastructure on Lake Garda is very well developed – travelers will find excellent hotels, Italian restaurants, luxurious spa centers and entertainment for every taste.

If you do not want a standard vacation, but want an interesting and memorable one, visiting unusual sights, staying in very good hotels for a small fee, want to take stunning photos from beautiful natural viewing platforms, then we recommend reading this practical article https://italymix.ru /ozera/ozero-garda.html about holidays on Lake Garda, it has a lot of useful tips.

When is the best time to go?
Lake Garda – Italy

The beach season on the lake lasts from June to September, but in June it often rains. The hottest months are July and August. At this time, the water in the lake warms up to + 24-26 degrees, and the air temperature on average reaches +30 degrees.

In the fall, water cools quickly, as a rule, swimming is impossible already from mid-September, but the weather in September-October is quite comfortable – the air warms up to + 20-24 degrees on average.

In the winter months there are very few tourists on the lake, many hotels and restaurants close until spring. The weather at this time is windy and humid, the air temperature drops to + 2-5 degrees.

Sunny weather is in the spring, air temperature averages + 17-22 degrees in March-April and + 24-26 degrees in May. The water in the lake begins to warm up by the end of May. This time is suitable for sightseeing trips.

How to get there
How to get to Lake Garda
The most convenient in relation to Lake Garda are the airports of Verona, Venice and Milan. You can fly to any of them without transfers from Moscow. Travel time is about 3 hours 40 minutes.

Verona, Venice and Milan with Lake Garda are connected by rail. On this route, comfortable Trenitalia trains run to Desenzano del Garda, located in the south of the lake. The cost of train tickets is 5-15 euros and depends on the city of departure. From Desenzano del Garda to any resort on the lake can be reached by bus or taxi.

From Verona to Lake Garda can also be reached by bus. Travel time in this case will be about an hour.

From any Italian city, Lake Garda can be reached by car. Along the southern part of the lake is the A4 highway, along the northern route A22, the road along the western shore is designated as SS45bis, along the eastern coast is SS249.

The best resorts and beaches

The small town of Sirmione in the southern part of the island of Garda will appeal to travelers interested in not only beach vacations, but also an excursion program. There are several medieval attractions, including the famous Scaliger Castle, as well as an old mansion of the Roman era.

Sirmione also comes for quality Spa treatments – the city is known for its thermal springs.

One of the most popular beaches in Sirmione, Jamaica Beach, is famous for its beautiful views and exceptional cleanliness. It is located next to the ruins of a Roman villa and is surrounded by olive groves. Entry into the water is carried out on rocky boulders, which can accommodate and for sunbathing.

Spiaggia Lido delle Bionde is another rocky, picturesque Sirmione beach. The water here is absolutely clear, the shallow area is quite extensive. Nearby is a cafe.

Lugana Beach is perfect for a comfortable holiday for families with children. You can sit here right on the green lawn. The infrastructure is well developed, there is a rental of beach equipment and boats, cafes and restaurants are nearby, parking is available nearby. The entrance to the lake is smooth, but the water in the season is a little muddy.

Gardone Riviera
The small but fabulously beautiful town of Gardone Riviera is located on the west coast of the island. This is a quiet resort surrounded by greenery. There are few attractions here, among them the villa of the poet Gabriel d’Annunzio and the magnificent botanical garden deserve special attention.

The beaches in Gardon Riviera are rocky and very picturesque. In the city, you can spend time on the well-equipped Spiaggia Casino beach, where there are locker rooms, showers, rental sunbeds and umbrellas. Spiaggia Lido 84, a small pebble beach, is the recipient of the prestigious Unesco Blue Flag award for the clean coast. 8 km from the center of Gardone Riviera is the wonderful pebble beach Spiaggia Toscolano. Thick greens, in the shade of which you can sit with a deck chair, approaches almost the very edge of the water. Nearby there are parking lots, cafes and restaurants.

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