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Children’s water theme parks, water parks, rides in Thailand

Water rides, vibrant shows, life-size puppets and master classes – what options for outdoor activities in Thailand to prefer for families with children? The Tourism Authority of Thailand named 6 theme amusement parks that are definitely worth a visit in the country of the “white elephant” …

Children’s water theme parks, water parks, rides in Thailand
In this review – amusement parks for every taste: with exciting roller coasters, fun water rides, playgrounds or fabulous walking areas.

A distinctive feature of the Thai theme parks from Western and European is the low price. Most parks have hotels, restaurants and gift shops. Adults will be able to enjoy the rest, and the children will have a great time and remember their family vacations in Thailand for many years. So, let’s go through our TOP list:

Dream World Theme Park Bangkok
Do you dream of getting into the world of movie heroes and your favorite children’s fairy tales? In Bangkok, in the Thanyaburi area, there is Dream World – a theme park with many attractions. Here you can visit the snowy residence of Santa Claus for a day and feed the animals on Uncle Sam’s farm, see the Giant’s House and the Sleeping Beauty Castle. To visit 45 attractions and water slides of the park will be interesting and exciting for both children and adults.

Dream World in Bangkok
It’s best to plan a trip to the park for the weekend when the colorful Colors of the World carnival takes place here. Here you can meet the heroes of your favorite fairy tales – gnomes, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast.

In the natural garden of dreams, even little travelers can ride a water bike on the lake. A Dream World cable car will allow you to see the magical park from a bird’s eye view. Before heading home, it is worth staying on an evening colorful show (for example, stunt shows), which will be a beautiful end to a busy and fun day.

Ramayana Water Park Pattaya
You can experience the thrill in Thailand’s largest water park – Ramayana Water Park, which is located 15 kilometers south of Pattaya. Water rides are divided into many groups – slides of extreme descent and rafting, slides with smoother gliding and many others.

Ramayana Water Park in Pattaya
Ramayana Water Park also has a “lazy river” with a length of 600 meters with waterfalls and geysers, as well as pools with double waves of different heights. On land, young visitors to the park can go through a children’s labyrinth, see a floating market, and their parents visit a pool bar or play beach soccer / volleyball.

Water park and amusement park 2 in 1 from the Guinness Book of Records Siam Park in Bangkok
The unique engineering project of Thailand is Siam Park – the famous amusement park and water park in Bangkok. The giant high-speed waterslide of the park and the pool with man-made waves are listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

Siam Park in Bangkok
With 7 colorful towers located at the entrance, Siam Park gives the impression of a fairytale castle. The festive atmosphere is supported by kittens Si and Am. Heroes will help you navigate in 5 zones of the park, including a water park and attractions.

Water park with a meandering river through the continents with slides and fountains Splash Jungle in Phuket
Another interesting location worth visiting with children is the Splash Jungle water park in Phuket. It was developed by the White Water Industries team from Canada, known for water attractions in Sea Word and Disneyland parks in the USA.

A winding “river” with artificial flow carries visitors to the water park through 7 thematic zones – Latin America, Exotic Asia, Northern Europe, Turkey, Africa, North America and Antarctica.

Splash Jungle in Phuket
Entertainment in the water park is also represented by a large town with slides and fountains. For guests of the nearby Splash Beach Resort, there is a 30% discount on access to the water park.

Waterpark jungle with waterfalls, surfing and climbing areas Vana Nava in Hua Hin
The water attractions at Vana Nava Water Park in Hua Hin are waterfalls, amusement areas for surfing and climbing. Children will like the jungle zone, in the middle of which there is a tower with seven slides of varying degrees of extremeness for different age groups, as well as a pirate fortress with a special chip – a bucket filled with water. This structure is periodically overturned, dousing visitors to the pool with an intense stream, similar to a tsunami.

Vana Nava in Hua Hin
Visitors to the Holiday Inn Resort Vana Nava Hua Hin can visit the water attractions of the Vana Nava water park in Hua Hin for free.

Fantasy TRIBHUM theme park with virtual slides and traveler trail, with mythical creatures and real fireflies in Phuket

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Children's water theme parks, water parks, rides in Thailand
Water rides, vibrant shows, life-size puppets and master classes - what options for outdoor activities in Thailand to prefer for families with children? The Tourism Authority of Thailand named 6…


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