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Humpback whale mating game off the coast of the Dominican Republic

Every year from mid-January to mid-March in the Samana Bay, off the coast of picturesque Dominican Republic, an amazing natural phenomenon occurs – the mating games of humpback whales. In search of a pair, covering a distance of 8,000 km, up to 5,000 mammals sail here.

Whales in the Dominican Republic

A whale flying 30 tons above the water is a spectacular sight
What do humpback whales do in the Samana Bay off the coast of the Dominican Republic during the 2 winter months? Of course, looking for a couple! The methods of attracting females are very different – from acrobatic somersaults above the surface of the water to light flirting with high fountains and romantic songs. Sail to the shores of the Dominican Republic in winter, not only single individuals, but also females who are ready to give birth to offspring. Having gained a little strength, young whales also splash in the water in front of tourists. The weight of the baby is about 700 km.

Despite the weight of 30 tons and huge dimensions, humpback whales among mammals are recognized as the most playful. They splash in the waves with pleasure, funnily raking water with fins, jump vertically over the water surface or make somersaults, flirt with tourists who watch them from boats and fishing boats. Imagine a picture when not one humpback whale frolics in the water, but a whole flock!

Humpback songs are another story. During the breeding season, males actively make sounds, drawing attention to themselves. Scientists have noticed their resemblance to human speech. Melodious tunes can last from 5-10 minutes to several hours and can be performed both by individuals and whole flocks. Mostly males sing, females give the initiative and politely “keep quiet.”

During the mating season, up to 5,000 whales gather in Samana Bay. Trips to the Dominican Republic on allow you to witness this amazing event. Flirting, playing, songs while courting the “lady of the heart” is an incredible sight to watch, which thousands of tourists from all over the world come to the Dominican Republic every year. Adrenaline and positive emotions are going wild!

Humpback whales – who are these mysterious mammals, and why are they called “noble knights”?
Humpback whales can be recognized by the large fin on the back, the unusual shape of the body, and the characteristic swimming, during which the mammals strongly arch their backs. There are individuals in different regions of the oceans, and in the winter I migrate to the tropics. Before heading to the coast of the Dominican Republic, humpback whales swim in the area of ​​Iceland, Greenland, Newfoundland. Then they go to warmer climes, sometimes overcoming 8,000 km. Only during migration do humpbacks find themselves in deep waters, when they reach the goal they prefer to stay closer to the coast.

The definition of “noble knight” has long been entrenched in humpback whales. Watching them, scientists hundreds of times noticed how humpbacks, risking their own lives, rush to the rescue to various inhabitants of the ocean: they save seals and young mammals from aggressive killer whales.

Chasing whales on a fishing boat
Oh, these curious tourists! Do not let the whales calmly engage in personal life! This is actively used by the authorities of the Dominican Republic and travel companies. In places of the highest concentration of humpback whales, about fifty boats and boats operate, the owners of which have permission to organize excursion routes and deliver guests to places of mass gathering of mammals. The crews of the boats are specially trained and are able to search for whales, using not only many years of experience, but also special locators.

The first Ground Whale Observation Center was opened in Samana Bay in Punta Balanda, but here it is clearly less interesting and fascinating than on board a small boat, which can come close to the flock and allow guests to observe mating games of females and males in close proximity.

Excursions in search of humpback whales begin from the port of Santa Barbara de Samana on the Samana Peninsula – this is a quiet and cozy corner, the shores of which are washed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea. Here, off the coast of Saman, huge mammals frolic most often, they sail here, overcoming the Atlantic.

Humpback whales have long chosen the Saman Peninsula as their home. It is part of the Dominican Republic national park and is incredibly picturesque. White beaches, palm forests, rocky mountains, marble caves, lakes, rivers and waterfalls – having come here to look at humpback whales, tourists do not miss the opportunity to see the beauty of one of the most cozy corners of the world.

Buy winter tours to the Dominican Republic for the period from January to mid-March from the company in Minsk (Kalvariyskaya, 16) and enjoy meeting humpback whales. Do not miss the grand spectacle!

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