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Why you should come to Crete

Choosing a place to relax is not easy. I want to get to the beach with white sand and palm trees, so that my feet are washed by transparent blue-green waves, and my eyes rest on high mountains …

Why you should come to Crete

And I also want to relax among the friendly and hospitable locals who strive to feed guests to the dump. To get into such a fairy tale is quite realistic, but first things first …

Why you should come to Crete
Crete is the southernmost point on the map of Greece. Its shores are washed by the waters of three warm seas: the Aegean, Ionian and Libyan. The island stands out from the archipelago in that:

Firstly, it is considered the tourist center of the Mediterranean. To this day, excavations are carried out on the ruins of the most ancient – Minoan – civilization. Tourists can explore the legendary places sung in ancient Greek myths: the labyrinth in which the Minotaur lived.

Secondly, it is a multicultural region. Here Christian temples and Muslim mosques, Turkish fortresses and monasteries of different eras peacefully coexist.

Thirdly, a small island can be circumvented in a day or two along and across. What next? Boredom! The area of ​​Crete is more than 8 thousand square km; it stretches for 250 km from West to East. There is no time to get bored here: excursions, hiking in mountains and caves, well-developed infrastructure (discos, night clubs, attractions for children).

And, most importantly, if you compare prices with other islands, then in Crete they are somewhat lower. At the end of the season, accommodation, meals, car rental becomes cheaper.

The second option: flight to Athens or Thessaloniki, and from there by ferry to Heraklion. Choosing this route, tourists should consider that ferries between the coasts are not cruise ships. And it takes a lot of time to get to the place. But if the vacationer decided to take the opportunity to visit the sights of Athens, and then enjoy the sea romance, then the route with transfers will not be depressing.

Areas of Crete, popular resorts
Crete consists of four parts – nomes: Lassithi, Heraklio, Rethimio and Chania.

Heraklion is the central part of the island, in which there are resorts popular among Russians: Malia, Stalida, Hersonissos, Gouves, Kokkini Hani, Amoudara, Agia Pelagia. In the capital of Nome, Heraklion is an international airport, convenient transport interchanges for traveling around the island.

Rethymno is another area that Russian tourists have come to love. Medieval architecture seems to contain the ancient soul of the island. The main resorts are located in Panormo, Bali.

Lassithi is the eastern region of the island, the sunniest and perhaps most expensive. Luxury hotels and the best resorts are located in Agios Nicholas and Elounda.

Chania is the western part of Crete. It is very lush vegetation, and the views of the White Mountains, Samaria Canyon will not leave indifferent the most satiated traveler. Popular resorts of the region: Georgioupolis, Agia Marina, Platanias, Paleochora, Bali.

Tourists prefer the North coast for holidays. Lovers of archaeological sites seek the East. The West attracts with colorful landscapes: mountain gorges, picturesque valleys. In the South, the most calm atmosphere, in remote parts of the island, infrastructure is poorly developed, which is offset by the cordiality of Cretan residents.

The northern part of Crete is often called one endless beach. Numerous hotels have their own access to the sea, carefully equip places for swimming. There are a sufficient number of umbrellas, sunbeds, changing cabins.

Among the variety of beaches, cult places known throughout the world can be distinguished. “Elafonisi” (Elafonisi) fascinates with sand of pink shade and azure shade of sea surf.

Palm beach “Vai” (Vai is surrounded by a date grove, this place is considered paradise. They say that it was here that they shot the Bounty commercial. But exactly: the beach was and remains a favorite hippie vacation spot.

Palm Beach Wai
Balos Beach (Balos is located in the harbor, according to legend, formerly pirated. Romantics are attracted by white sand, aquamarine waves, an ancient fortress – the refuge of corsairs, tales of a ship sunken in these waters.

Balos Beach – one of the most inaccessible beaches of Crete
There are diving clubs on all beaches. After passing a short training course, those who wish can descend into the depths of the sea. The North Shore remains a popular diving destination. Places of attraction: the “anchor cemetery” near Paromno, an underwater volcano near Santorini, the Elephant Cave with stalactites in the vicinity of Chania, giant sea turtles and cuttlefish near the village of Plakias.

It is up to the traveler to choose whether to stay on a crowded fashionable beach or find a calm spot in a quiet lagoon.

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