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What to see in Marbella?

Marbella is not only the most fashionable and fashionable resort in the coastal zone of the Costa del Sol in Spain, but a rather picturesque city in which, in addition to concentrating millionaires, beautiful yachts and beautiful long beaches, there is a seven-kilometer marble embankment and interesting historical sights.

Together with the suburbs, which are the most expensive villas in Marbella, the resort stretches for 28 km along the coast. So, if the beaches and the rampant waste of money still bore you, you will always find what to do here!

Puerto Banus
One of the most expensive, roomy and fashionable ports in the world. It is designed for 900 yachts, which are daily left here by world celebrities, Arab sheikhs and oil owners.

Puerto Banus
Puerto Banus
The long marina and the most beautiful, famous harbor have become a favorite tourist destination. In addition, in Puerto Banus you can see unusual architectural structures, luxury villas, luxury cars. This is a kind of Spanish “Ruble” – living here is very prestigious and very expensive. Walking along its streets, you feel at least an international diplomat or the protagonist of a socialite.

Old city
A place from where most often city guests begin their journey. This is the historical center of Marbella, shrouded in secrets and some kind of mysterious magic. It combines both restored Andalusian-style buildings and green spaces with tropical plants.

Marbella Old Town
Narrow, cobbled streets remind of the splendor of Spain during the Renaissance. During the walk you can take a break by looking at one of the local, cozy coffee houses.

Naranjos Square (La Plaza de los Naranjos)
It is located in the Old Town, and has a different name – Orange. This is due to the large number of citrus trees that bloom throughout the year.

Naranjos Square
Here is the main city building – City Hall, made in the spirit of the Renaissance back in the late 16th century. Nearby is also the old chapel of Hermite de Santiago, which is considered the most ancient religious cultural monument. Tourists will also be delighted with the amazing fountain of the same years and cozy places to relax.

The Golden Mile (Marbella Golden Mile)
Dizzying embankment with a beautiful view, the length of which is equal to as much as 6 and a half kilometers! It got its name not only because of the clean and beautiful coastal sand, but also because of the constant influx of star guests.

Marbella Golden Mile
Extends between the port and the western part of Marbella. Here houses of noble persons are located – for example, the palace of King Fahd, and the most status hotel complexes of the coast.

The ruins of the Roman villa of Rio Verde (Rio Verde)
If you want to touch the architectural monument, which was built in the first century AD, go here. Of course, numerous fires and time did their job, so there are only ruins left as a result of excavations.

The ruins of the Roman villa of Rio Verde
However, the excitement and solemnity of this place is still highly valued by tourists.

Church of St. Mary Encarnacion (Iglesia Mayor de la Encarnacion)
It is considered the tallest building in Marbella. It was built in the middle of the 15th century, has restored areas and exquisite frescoes preserved from ancient times. Made in a simple, sophisticated rococo style, it is characterized by a combination of simplicity and incredible luxury.

Church of St. Mary Encarnacion
Here you can pray, enjoy the mysterious atmosphere and just take memorable photos.

Parque del Calvario
Located a bit out of town, on a hill. It was designed by the talented architect Miguel de Vico.

Calvario Park
Today, there is not only Calvario’s church, which has great religious significance, but also equipped, modern infrastructure – a place for children’s fun, a clean pond, neat malls and more. The combination of a chic building and beautiful surroundings makes this park popular among residents and visitors of the city.

Murallas del Castillo
On the outskirts of Marbella are the remains of the ancient fortress of Murallas del Castillo. It was a defensive structure around the castle of a local prince. It dates back to the 15th century.

Murallas del Castillo
Once these walls withstood the powerful offensive of enemies, today only ruins remain from them, which emphasize the strength and courage of the Spanish people.

Avenida del Mar
The fame of this famous boulevard is known far beyond the borders of the country. Here lies the amazing Alameda Park, as well as the long, noisy promenade and the clean Venus Beach.

Avenida del Mar
Avenida del Mar in Marbella
On the sides of the street there are exquisite bronze sculptures, thanks to which the usual evening walk resembles a tour of the art museum.

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